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About energetic pagan prayer beads: witch ladders and shaman prayer beads

Magic sense bearing prayer beads is a special type of prayer beads, which are used not only for meditative practices but also for activation of particular energies. Such prayer beads are made with particular sense that is why material, minerals, color, pendant ornaments and additional details are selected very carefully. As a rule the Master programs the energetic prayer beads in a special way. It can be the program of Love or Wealth, Health or Protection from enemies. It also can be an appeal to a particular deity or nature force. The most interesting of them are witch ladders (the type of wiccan prayer beads), shamans prayer beads, runic prayer beads.

Such prayer beads are very special, they bear specific context, considered to be a guide to the parallel world, a magic attribute for communication with deities and nature forces. These prayer beads are also used in spells and different ceremonies.

Witch ladders are often made for special holidays of Wheel of the Year as well as they accumulate forces of particular element (Fire, Water, Earth, Air).

Witch ladder

Witch ladder

Tarot prayer beads are also very interesting. They are intended to activate the energy, which is borne by Tarot-symbol. The runic prayer beads have the same intention. The interesting fact is that the runic prayer beads can be made according to both witch runes (wiccan runes) and Scandinavian runes (Viking runes). These prayer beads are often used in combination with the runes. For example, Scandinavian Fe rune (wealth) falls to a fortune reader, he wants to activate its energy, to get its flow and intensify its effect. He wears the prayer beads as a talisman of chance. If Star rune, which bears the energy of fulfillment of desires, falls to a fortune reader, then it is worth using for meditation and wearing the runic witch ladder Star.

You may not practice any religion and not know anything about Wicca, shamanism or any other pagan school. It is considered that the power of any energetic prayer beads will work for you. You may just wear them as an amulet for luck or protection.

Sense-bearing energetic prayer beads are unique and various in nature. They are considered to be magic, because they are conductors, which connect a person with higher forces of “Celestial chancellery”.

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