Magic property of trees

Magic property of trees

Healers and quacks, wizards and enchanters, who work with natural materials, believe that every tree has particular energy, which can be used when making protective talismans and amulets for luck. Let’s consider some of them.

Ash, quaking asp, elder, birch, elm, cade, witch tree, osier, yew are the trees which have the energy of protection. The most powerful protective amulets are made of these trees. If you apply the runic symbols (or other secret signs) to them correctly, you should perform the ritual on activating the amulet correctly, it will bring you a benefit and protect from negative effects.

Apple-tree, maple and osier are good for love talismans.

Elder, oak, pine, walnut tree, osier are good for energy of health.

Talismans made from birch, nut-pine, elder, oak and hazel are good for luck.

As you can see many trees are multipurpose and can be used for making different talismans.

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