Queen of Wands

Pagan Tarot prayer beads – Queen of Wands

In Tarot Queen of Wands is an experienced and fulfilled woman. She is a smooth operator, dominant figure, even a witch by her nature (in positive context, of course). She is self-confident, self-starter and a charismatic person. When describing the situation Queen of Wands can be interpreted as strategic plans, good dynamic, and improvement of situation. This card symbolizes necessity of prompt actions as well as necessity in support.

The element of Queen of Wands is Fire. The card is Queen of Clubs. The season is Summer, Litha.

Advice of Queen of Wands.

You know what you want to get from life and from this situation particularly. You are strong, extraordinary and gifted. But you are recommended to be independent and a man of action. Then you will have success. But if all the above is not about you then you need an experienced assistant and adviser, who will promote you in required direction.

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Pagan Tarot prayer beads – Queen of Wands

Pagan Tarot prayer beads – Queen of Wands

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