Rituals and days of week

Rituals and days of week

People who decide to perform such ritual or make personal talisman for the first time ask whether they should take into consideration the days of week. If you want to use all the energies at maximal level it is better to take the days of week into account. These are the procedures recommended to be performed from Monday till Sunday.

Monday: telling fortunes, love. This day is good to perform the rituals for making love talismans as well as to tell fortunes for love.

Tuesday: protection, victory. This day is good to make talismans for luck and something new.

Wednesday: healing, knowledge. This day you can make the talismans which improve health or those that help to self-analyze, when you shall make a decision, resolve the question or make the choice. You may perform all the rituals related to above issues.

Thursday: wealth, prosperity. This day you should make the talismans which attract money and tell fortunes for business relations. You should perform the rituals to attract wealth, to increase creative potential, to promote the career.

Friday is the day of love and fruitfulness. This day like on Monday you can make love talismans and perform the rituals for love and relations. You also should perform procedures and make talismans which will be reliable for happy end of the business started. On Friday you can tell fortunes and get to know the end of business and what benefit it will bring.

Saturday: luck. On Saturday it is recommended to make the talismans which attract luck and fateful changes. The same concerns any rituals.

Sunday: healing and family. This day you can make the amulets and talismans which will protect your family from evil and enemies, chase away diseases.

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