The Moon and rituals

The Moon and rituals

When performing rituals and making amulets it is worth following the moon phases. It will help to perform the ritual more effectively and make the amulet more powerful. It is better to begin new processes, execute new projects as well as to tell fortunes for something new, what you have never asked about – in the New Moon period. The energy of this period is good for beginnings in all the spheres of life, everything that will be done during this period will “grow” together with the Moon. The period of first quarter of the Moon till the full Moon is good for rituals and predictions connected with love, search for beloved, solution of issues, attraction of luck and vital energy.

The period of full Moon intensifies any mystic interference into a man life that is why everything you undertake until the Moon becomes full and at the moment the Moon becomes full will be intensified by the Moon energy by several times.

The period from the third quarter to the new Moon is good for solution of the issues regarding the things a man is concerned about, for telling fortunes about health. Of course, there are the situations when it is necessary to tell fortunes or take measures immediately. Then you should not take into account the Moon phases. You should just know that any rituals performed with allowance for the Moon position will be many times intensified.

All the beginnings during the period of new Moon are considered to be intensified together with the Moon growth. Everything that is done in the period of waning Moon will be off together with it. That is why from the ancient times there has been a tradition to perform rituals to get rid of diseases when the Moon goes down, and to attract luck when the Moon waxes.

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