My Wizard Forest

My Wizard Forest👋 Hello, everybody! My name is Alex. Welcome to my Fairy forest from Wonderland. Yes, I believe in power of energy and miracles, and they always happen to me. I think it happens because a man gets the world and events, which are inside of him. If you believe in power of nature, energies, follow the advice of predecessors and well-informed people, you cope with everything. Your dreams come true, your wishes are fulfilled. You get what you have inside.

I travelled a lot, communicated with shamans, those who consider themselves as experienced witches and wizards in some succession of generations. It was always interesting to learn the secrets of these extraordinary people, to remember their rituals.

As a result I have loved to work with various natural energies, minerals and runes. I rather Master than a shaman or wizard. But I love to work with energies too. I will try to tell you about it in my blog.

I am inspired very much when I am making various ritual articles, especially pagan prayer beads. Each time I see new ideas when cult-objects of shamans, runic energies and Tarot meanings get involved in the prayer beads. I also love to contrive new runes, unusual, different from all the others. Sometimes I make runes as Yule cat of Harry Potter’s owl. One day I made bright runes as Cheshire cat. Why not? No matter what energies you work with, the main thing is they should bear the good. I am always driven by this idea. The Universe replies to me the same good.

☘Blessed be!

Alex Forest

And my assistant – Cheshire cat :-)))

My Wizard Forest